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The Blueberry Brazil: A new favorite boutique


Fashion | by — July 15, 2012

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BIKINI WORLD! Brazil has taken over The world is under the Brazilian fever this summer. The fashion, the food, the drinks. People are hypnotized by their exotic world. Have you noticed? For me, it’s the swimwear all the way! Brazilians know how to make flattering beachwear. They are perfectly embellished and fit like they should […]

Coral Days, Neon Nights


Fashion | by — May 23, 2012

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Summer is all about beaches, parties, DJs, endless nights, friends, and of course…bold fashion! Have you ever noticed that you are more willing to let yourself explore new style ideas during the summer versus the rest of the year? Everyone is carefree, and in a YOLO state of mind (as our generation likes to say)…You […]

Bikini Bottom…Yay or Nay?


Fashion | by — April 30, 2012

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Summer is coming people! Are you ready for endless beach days and unforgettable summer nights? Do you have your “Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top”? Hmmm, well I definitely have plenty of bikini tops and several summer-worthy shorts. But ladies, what is going on with bikini bottoms these days?? I don’t know about you, but I […]