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Let Mini Help You Find the BEST Mother’s Day Gift


Advice, The Latest | by — April 30, 2013

Chloe + Isabel Mother's Day Gifts

You Have Less than 2 Weeks! Let the Shopping Begin! I absolutely LOVE shopping for my mom for Mother’s Day. Isn’t it exciting when you finally find that special gift that just simply screams out “MOM!”? Well, if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, let me help you (I do sell some really awesome […]

What to Get Your Man for Valentine’s Day


Advice | by — January 27, 2013

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Guys Always Get it Easy! Love is in the air! With only a few weeks until the heart-shaped-filled holiday, we have got to prepare ourselves to give our men the ultimate gift. Isn’t it so unfair that they get off easy? If they stick to the roses and jewelry deal, they know they will get a […]

Mini’s Gift Giving Guide: The Classics


Advice | by — December 23, 2012

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Classy Christmas Presents

And Now for the Classiest of All In Mini’s Gift Giving Guide Part 3 we are going to find the perfect gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends who exude class and are on the conservative side. Know any of these? Of course you do! Some of us may feel lost when it […]

Mini’s Gift Giving Guide: Techies


Advice | by — December 20, 2012

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Mini's Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

This One is For the Technology Lovers Many of us have dads, boyfriends, or brothers who are absolutely obsessed with everything technology…agreed? What to give these people who are up to date on everything?! I’ve done some researching myself, and with Mini’s Gifting Guide Part 2, you can’t go wrong. Get your tech-brains ready and […]

Mini’s Gift Giving Guide: Fashion-Obsessed


Advice, Fashion | by — December 17, 2012

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Mini's Gift Guide for Fashionistas

Oh Hey…Miss Me? Mini is officially back. Get ready people! Let’s start off with some handy holiday preparations…Mini’s Gift Giving Guide: Part 1. This first part of Mini’s holiday gifting series is for the ultimate fashionistas in your life. Maybe it’s your bestie, your mom, your cousin, or your girlfriend. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the “latest” trends, […]

Halloween Costume Do’s and Don’ts


Advice | by — October 12, 2012

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Halloween Dos and Donts

What Happened to Scary Halloween Costumes? I’m sure many of you have noticed that Halloween has become more of a “dress like a tramp” holiday…to put it nicely. Let’s be honest here, how many “sexy maids” and “sexy nurse” costumes have you seen? Definitely a lot more than the traditional scary costumes…that’s for sure. Now, […]

Coping With Change: The Fall Edition

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Advice | by — August 29, 2012


Fall changes

Change? Piece of Cake…Right? Fall brings all sorts of changes: weather, school, friends, fashion, tv shows…some changes are small, but others open doors to new journeys (whether you are ready for them or not). This month brought a big change to my life; a change that I had been anticipating for about a year now. […]

The Daddy Countdown


Advice | by — June 5, 2012

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If June 17th doesn’t sound familiar to you then get with it kiddos! Father’s Day is 13 days away, and in my opinion, Father’s Day gifts are some of the most difficult to buy. But don’t you worry because Mini is here to help 🙂 I am about to take your usual go-to daddy gifts […]

Dressing Up Your Ken


Advice, Fashion | by — May 19, 2012

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barbie ken

“Mom I want a new dress for Barbie!” Remember the joys of playing with your Barbies when you were a little girl? The dresses, the houses, the pink Jeeps…and the song! “I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World Life in plastic, It’s fantastic You can brush my hair, Undress me everywhere Imagination, Life is […]

What Have You Been Pinning?


Advice | by — May 7, 2012

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“Pinning!” Have you heard your friends talk about what they’re pinning lately? I know I have! Pinterest has become one of the newest trends, surpassing Facebook in social commerce. According to Business of Fashion, Pinterest users “buy and spend more than their Facebook counterparts”. For those of you who are not familiar with this site, […]