The Inside Scoop on Gainesville Fashion Week

Gainesville Fashion Week

My First and Definitely Not my Last

Ladies and Gents, I finally made it to my very first Fashion Week! And I think I might be even more addicted to the fashion world than ever before. Anything and everything can happen in this crazy little city of Gainesville. Who would’ve thought I would be going to such a fabulous event in the middle of Florida? Pretty awesome I must say.

Gainesville Fashion Week was a fun-filled production running from April 3rd to the 7th – I’m talking cool promotional events, art galerie shows, pannel discussions, and of course the glitz and glamour of fashion shows. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the final day of runway shows as part of the media team thanks to one of the lovely ladies behind this event, Ally Walstad (thanks again girlie!)

Now let’s get to the juicy details and eye-catching fashion, shall we?

The Glam Inside the Hangar

As you can tell by my lovely private jet above (come on, I’m allowed to dream), this Saturday night of fashion took place inside an

Gainesville Fashion Week

airplane hangar at the Gainesville Regional Airport. I must say being surrounded by private jets really got my inner glam going ūüėČ

Walking into this bubble of fabulosity revived my soul after two LONG weeks of exams and projects. The DJ was playing all my favorite house songs, the bar was stocked with a delicious vanilla-tasting drink, and I was surrounded by very cool fashion. What more could a girl ask for?

The event consisted of five beautiful runway shows and some very fun dancing and singing performances…keep scrolling to see all the pics!

And the Fun Begins!

The show began with the lively designs of Tanya B. This Gainesville native gave us a bang of colors, patterns, and eye-catching textures. She took us on the girliest of journeys into a world of¬†fuchsias, canary yellows, and enchanting teals. The line screamed “I’m a chic working girl, and I know how to have fun!” Great way to start the night.

Gainesville Fashion Week


Next up, D&N Clothing. I literally felt like I was back at Ultra when I watched this runway show. The entire¬†atmosphere¬†transformed itself into a nice little rave…can’t complain! The designers instilled their “Clothes by Bros” mantra through their simple yet witty tees, cut off denim shorts, and rave glasses. We were all in there ready to “Rage Face” as they say. If you’re looking for festival looks, definitely shop D&N Clothing!

Gainesville Fashion Week


We then enjoyed a fun hip hop dance performance by a spunky team of latinas – they shook what their mommas gave them to the pop vocals of 90’s queens, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. I couldn’t help but dance in my seat with them!

Gainesville Fashion Week


Macy’s Women’s line took over the runway with their summer inspired looks. The trendy bathing suits, airy linen fabrics, fun florals, and relaxed lace really got me pumped for this summer. Beach anyone?

Gainesville Fashion Week


The atmosphere was sparkled with sophistication during Francine Elizabeth’s line of classy formal wear mixed with trendy business casual. The¬†metallic¬†fabrics and colors paired with textured tops and beaded details created uniquely dramatic looks – this is cocktail party ready. Who wants an invite?

Gainesville Fashion Week


Before the headlining designer, we enjoyed the sassy performance of Miami-based singer, Victoria, who sang us into her Spanglish world of American-Latin fusion. Side note – as I was driving to GFW, I noticed the girl behind me singing her way through traffic and I thought to myself, “I wonder if she’s a professional singer?”…It was none other than Victoria herself prepping for her fabulous GFW performance. My instincts are totally on par!

Gainesville Fashion Week


The show finally closed with the super edgy clothing line of local designer Carla Coultas. If you’re looking to make a statement in a trendy-kinda-grungy-I-care-but-not-really way then Carla is definitely your girl. She put on a spectacular runway show filled with dramatic hair (fishtail braids were the go-to look), killer metalic nails, sexy high socks paired with platform shoes, textured appliques, spiky details, and fancy bra tops. If you wanted fashion-forward, you got it all right here!

Gainesville Fashion Week


Gainesville Fashion Week


I had such an amazing time. I could not imagine spending my Saturday night doing anything more fabulous than Gainesville Fashion¬†Week. If you’re in town next year, you MUST go!


What was your favorite fashion line of the night? Comment below!


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