This Site is Spicing Up My Weekday Mornings!


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Finally News That I Look Forward to Reading!

My new favorite morning website!

Thanks to my go-to site for all things AWESOME, Refinery 29, I found out about the most amazing  daily news website on the planet. Yes…on the planet. theSkimm, my dear friends, has very quickly become part of my daily morning routine. As soon as I’m done deleting all those pointless emails from websites I never knew I signed up for, I get to read through my daily dose of theSkimm!

Founded by two driven and super chic NYC women, theSkimm literally does what the name entails…they skimm through the MUST-KNOW news stories of the day, and present them to you in fun, witty little blurbs with everything you need to know to stay updated with this crazy world.

It is literally perfect for those of us who are not in the routine to pick up the newspaper every morning. Yea, I know that sounds bad…but  I know there are many of you out there who feel the same 😉

You definitely want to check this site out. All you have to do is submit your email and you will receive your fun skimms Monday through Friday mornings! Very awesome, and a great way to start your day. Gotta love NYC entrepreneurs…always making our lives that much more interesting, easy, and fun.


Stay educated and informed everyone!


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Image from: The Fashionable Housewife


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  1. Henrie Sands says:

    Love it!! Its great!!

  2. Malena says:

    I didn’t know about theskimm before! Thank you Mini for introducing us <3

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