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Fashion | by — March 22, 2013

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Ultra Music Festival

Oh Ultra Music Festival…

Last weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my life…no joke. If you know me well, then you know I have been a fan of house/techno music since I was probably 8 years old (thanks Tio Miguel!) So as you can imagine, experiencing a three-day music event listening to all my favorite DJs was a dream come true.

But let’s get serious now. These festivals really bring out the most interesting fashion statements…ladies, have some dignity!

The most hash-tagged phrase of the weekend: #wtfisshewearing.

And now ladies and gents, my all-time FAVORITE eyeball-burning Ultra fashion picks…(keep this post away from children.)

The Unda-Butt

I totally get that high-waisted shorts are very “in” right now. But must you show your cheeks to the world? I wish I could say everyone was at least wearing shorts…but that was not the case my friends. Get ready for eyeball-burner #1.


Terrible Ultra Fashion

Umm Did You Forget to Put a Top on Today?

My next pick for terrible Ultra fashion would have to be….the no clothes option. (Don’t worry, no naked pics below). I know the guys will disagree with me on this one, but can the girl put on a freaking bra??? AT LEAST? Yes people, I’m talking itty-bitty stickers tastefully placed you-know-where.

And the best part was, the moms taking pictures of their sons with these “ultra revealing” girls… “Honey! Go take a picture with the boobies!” #gross

Since I am classy, I will leave this one to the imagination and just show you how much fun I had (and my cute little colorful top from day 2) 😉  Sorry boys.

Check out the werewolf in the back.

Ultra Music Festival Fashion

Furry Things on Your Feet…What?

I could literally barely walk by the end of day 1 and I was wearing the most comfortable Nike sneakers on the face of the planet. So why in the world would you wear heavy furry boots to Ultra??? I guess they are an important part of the “festival outfit”…but I can’t really say I’m a fan. Can you say sweaty feet?


Ultra Music Festival Fashion


Ultra Music Festival Fashion

Running around for three days with these crazy fashion statements was quite the experience! But I really have to say I had a blast!

I guess these are the only three days of the year people can go all out and wear literally anything…or nothing. It’s all part of the UMF experience!

Anyone planning on going next year? Let me know your thoughts on the fashion below!

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