What to Get Your Man for Valentine’s Day


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Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Guys Always Get it Easy!

Love is in the air! With only a few weeks until the heart-shaped-filled holiday, we have got to prepare ourselves to give our men the ultimate gift. Isn’t it so unfair that they get off easy? If they stick to the roses and jewelry deal, they know they will get a heart-warming smile out of us…but what the heck do we get them? Remember, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, compassion, and partnerships.  So find gifts and ideas that truly reflect this and you will definitely hit a home run. Check out my list of favorite gifts below and get inspired!

Mini’s Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

1. Personalize it!

Personalized m&ms

(image from: All Things Lifestyle)

Giving a gift that is uniquely personalized will definitely add that special touch of cuteness. You can:

Get his favorite accessory engraved! (watches, wallets, glasses, rings)…make sure it’s engraved in a secret spot that only you and him will know about. It makes it that much more special 😉

Personalized m&m’s….how cute is this? (thanks to my friend for this great idea!) If your man is a chocolate lover, then get him a bag of m&m’s with personalized sayings and pictures of the two of you. There is nothing yummier than your beautiful faces made out of chocolate.

Funny undies or t-shirts…personalize any kind of apparel with funny quotes or inside jokes! (Boxers that say: Property of Insert Your Name Here)

2. Couple’s Retreat

Valentine's Day: Couple's Massage

 (image from: Geneva Ridge)

Since Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates couples, plan out a little vacation to spice up that relationship. It could be a road trip, a spa/massage day, a night at a luxury hotel, or if you’re lucky enough a relaxing weekend getaway. Get your creative juices going and start planning this memorable moment now!

3. Learn Something Together

Valentine's Day Ideas

(image from: Smart Bride Boutique)

They say that learning new things brings couples together…so why not give it try? Go take a cooking class and make a delicious Valentine’s Day meal together! Or learn how to make your favorite drinks in a mixology class, sounds fun huh? You can also go for some wine tasting, or take him to a brewery and learn all about local beers (men + beer = happiness).

4. A Night to Remember

Victorias Secret Valentines Night

 (image from: Business Insider)

Now, ladies let’s get serious. We all know that men think with their south-of-the-border brain. Whether we want to admit it or not…it’s the truth and on days like this it’s always a good idea to live up his fantasies 😉 Have fun with it! Get a cute outfit and let your inner sex goddess out!

5. A Basket Full of Surprises

Valentines Day Treats for Him

 (image from: Party City)

This is fun one for the creative junkies out there! Get a cute basket and fill it with home-made goodies, a cute Valentine’s Day card, a picture of the two of you in a manly frame, a bunch of love coupons, and tickets to a fun game or show he would really enjoy. Make it as personal, delicious, and love-themed as possible! <3


I hope these tips and tricks have made your Valentine’s Day planning that much more exciting! Comment below with your special ideas…I’d love to hear them!


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