Mini’s Gift Giving Guide: Techies


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Mini's Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

This One is For the Technology Lovers

Many of us have dads, boyfriends, or brothers who are absolutely obsessed with everything technology…agreed? What to give these people who are up to date on everything?! I’ve done some researching myself, and with Mini’s Gifting Guide Part 2, you can’t go wrong.

Get your tech-brains ready and let’s go for an adventure!

Mini’s Top 5 Gifts for Tech-Lovers

1. Go Apple

You really can’t go wrong with a new iPhone 5, a colorful iPod touch, one of those awesome iPad Mini’s….I mean the list goes on and on! Even if your tech-freak has everything Apple under the sun, they will appreciate ANYTHING new from Apple (Apple TV? iPod Nano watch?)

Apple Gift Ideas

2. Awesome Headphones

Every guy loves a cool new pair of headphones. Go wireless, go sleek, go colorful…just make it awesome. Here are some of the best!

Wireless Headphones

3. Wireless Speakers

If your tech lover is also a music lover then make sure he opens up a new set of wireless speakers this holiday season. He can take them to the office or put them in your backyard for those really crazy parties you guys throw…you definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

Wireless Speakers

4. Home Gadgets

Alright ladies and gents, home gadgets are the best (they may seem totally unnecessary to us) BUT your tech lover will be sure to enjoy each and everyone of these nifty creations. Tailor these to their specific hobbies or needs (the cooks, the clean freaks, the paranoids…etc.)

Home Gadgets

5. Gamers

If you have a gamer on your holiday list, be sure to keep them up-to-date this December with the latest games and consoles. (Yes ladies, sometimes you just have to give in to their gaming habits.)

Gaming Gifts




Your techies will fall in love with each and every one of these AWESOME Mini Gift Ideas 😉

Happy holiday shopping everyone!


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  1. Henrie Sands says:

    Thank you!! I needed help…

  2. Great advises! Especially man could be happy to receive such gifts!
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