Mini’s Gift Giving Guide: Fashion-Obsessed


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Mini's Gift Guide for Fashionistas

Oh Hey…Miss Me?

Mini is officially back. Get ready people!

Let’s start off with some handy holiday preparations…Mini’s Gift Giving Guide: Part 1.

This first part of Mini’s holiday gifting series is for the ultimate fashionistas in your life. Maybe it’s your bestie, your mom, your cousin, or your girlfriend. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the “latest” trends, worry not holiday shoppers! You do NOT have to be a fashion fanatic to give some really great, fashion-forward gifts. Read on for Mini’s top 10 Gifts for the Fashionistas on your holiday list.

Mini’s Top 10 Gifts for Fashionistas

1. Patterned Jeans

2. Leopard Anything!

3. Trench Coat

4. Chunky Jewels

5. Nail Art

6. Oversized Clutch

Glint Envelope Clutch

Glint Envelope Clutch

Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch

Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch

Zara Coconut Clutch

Zara Coconut Clutch

7. 2012 Fashion Reads

8. Sequins and Fur

9. Studded Flats

10. Stylish iPhone/iPad Case


With these Mini Guidelines you will be SURE to give jaw-dropping, super chic gifts this holiday season!

Comment with questions or links to more amazing fashion-forward gifts for the fashion-obsessed!


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