Halloween Costume Do’s and Don’ts


Advice | by — October 12, 2012

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Halloween Dos and Donts

What Happened to Scary Halloween Costumes?

I’m sure many of you have noticed that Halloween has become more of a “dress like a tramp” holiday…to put it nicely. Let’s be honest here, how many “sexy maids” and “sexy nurse” costumes have you seen? Definitely a lot more than the traditional scary costumes…that’s for sure. Now, if your main goal is to attract sleezy guys…then be my guest and wear whatever skimpy costume your heart desires. Otherwise, let’s get creative! Bring out your funny side, or your girly side, or your scary side. In my opinion, these costumes are way more fun and show how confident you really are about yourself. The more you respect yourself, the more others (especially guys) will respect you!

Mini’s Do’s and Don’ts for Halloween Costumes


Be funny, creative, or even scary! Get a group of friends together and start working on silly costume ideas…it will fill your Halloween nights with laughter and fun memories (instead of those dreaded one-night-stands). Get inspired with some of the images below!

Prom Date Nightmare, Bad 90’s Fashion, and SCARY Maid


No more maids and nurses please! Besides, October 31st tends to be a chilly night for the greater part of the country…soooo why freeze your butt off with skimpy clothes? That does not sound like fun to me! Leave the trashy looks behind this year ladies…it’s worth it, trust me 😉 Check out the costumes you should avoid this year…so cliché.

Let’s not this year?


Happy Halloween everybody!


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