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Michigan Fall Leaves

Let’s Get Deep

What a weekend it has been! My mind has been running (and sometimes fuming) so I’m in need of a Mini vent session. Are you ready? Mini thoughts can be deep…

As I mentioned in the most recent Inspirations of the Week…(which by the way I will make 10 times more awesome this week since I missed last week)…I spent a beautiful fall weekend up in the state of Michigan with my boyfriend, Alex, and his family. What a nice change to this 80+ degree Florida weather! I loved the changing leaves, the crisp air, the hot cider, and the amazing fall fashion (duhh…check out my pics!)

The weekend was absolutely great in every way! And it really got me thinking of how truly lucky I am to be able to experience such wonderful trips and cities and family. We really have it good here in the United States, don’t you think? Well, in the midst of my happiness lies tremendous guilt. Why? Because the majority of my family has to live in a country engulfed by tyranny, corruption, and disappointment. Venezuela is a beautiful country with tremendous opportunities and resources that have unfortunately been malnourished by the leadership of Chavez. Now, Mini is not one to bring politics into the picture but this past weekend was an important moment for my country and I just have to vent my array of feelings!

The Little Engine that…Couldn’t

The Venezuelan elections had the country full of joy and anxiety for the wishful changes that could come with the demise of the Chavez era. After 14 years of corruption and extreme socialism, the country was ready for change on this October 7th. Unfortunately, the dictatorship has won itself another long 6 years in office. How does this even make sense? How can a country vote for its own destruction? IT CAN’T! IT DIDN’T! I firmly believe that this man has taken control of Venezuela through fear and complete corruption…he is too much of a coward to ever admit his defeat. In other words, it’s rigged people! UGH.

These elections instilled a sense of optimism in the Venezuelan spirit, and I know that as a country it will never give up. But you have to admit that this is too disappointing, and the voices of the Venezuelan people should be heard. They should be the ones running the show! Of course it is easier said than done, but if it’s not said then there is no pressure to get it done…agreed?

With the United States elections coming up, I would like for everyone to appreciate the fact that they have the ability to be heard. Your votes count and can really make a difference in your country. Never take this for granted! Never leave it up to someone else to speak your mind! If you have the power and ability to change a country with your opinion, then do it.


Ok now I feel better! Phew! Thanks for listening to my vent session everyone…I would REALLY love to hear your thoughts!


Love always,


3 Responses to “A Mini Full of Thoughts”

  1. Aline Frasca says:

    Love your pictures and I even I am not a big fan of cold weather I enjoy Fall’s beauty and charm. And I do agree with you about the elections, I heard about it and it’s so sad that he is still in control 🙁

  2. Kat says:

    I’m always disappointed when I see the prospect for change in countries that are hungry for it but then, for whatever reason, they fall short. But I do think change will come soon, though. I’m just not sure how.

    As for Michigan, I’m totally jealous. It’s so nice up there. I can’t wait for fall to creep into Florida finally. I don’t know about you, but I believe everyone looks so elegant in some nice cold-weather clothes!

  3. Marisela says:

    We had a great opportunity with this election but sadly it didn’t happened. We, who love our country, will never give up!., our time will come soon……
    Great pictures!, love your boots 🙂

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