Should We Change What Works?


Fashion | by — September 25, 2012

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Jil Sander S/S 2013

Sparks About Sparks

Well, to make this story short…Time commented on Jil Sander’s Milan 2012 show as being “bland and expected”. However, due to Sander’s status in the fashion world, this was ok. She did not need to innovate her line because she was giving her customers what they wanted. As the author of this article, Erin Skarda, says, “If it’s not broken, why try to fix it?”Thanks to my awesome grandpa, Uis (pronounced kind of like Wiz…because he’s a true genius), I was inspired to write about the sparks of fashion. I guess you can say he sparked my spark. Uis recently sent me a Time Magazine article talking about the infamous come back of Jil Sander during this year’s Milan Fashion Week (Yes, that’s right…my grandpa constantly sends me amazing fashion articles…be jealous.) Just to give you some background, Jil Sander took an eight-year break from her minimalistic, feminine label and left it in the hands of Raf Simons who is now working with Dior…what a dream!

That’s Just Lazy Talk to Me

Are you kidding me?! Ok, don’t get me wrong…the customers do come first. But if after an 8-year break you come back and put on a “bland and expected” show, people will be disappointed. In my opinion, why does it matter if it’s “not broken”? Jil Sander is an icon in this industry, and of course no one would want her fashion aesthetic to disappear. However, life is about embracing change and evolving with the world around you. Women are constantly empowering themselves through their fashion choices and they can be seen more commonly straying far from the norm. As a fashion powerhouse, Jil Sander should consider pushing her customers to these great places…as should many other designers who seem a bit too comfortable.

Comfort or change? I think you know my answer 😉

What are your thoughts on the Jil Sander come-back?


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3 Responses to “Should We Change What Works?”

  1. Henrie Sands says:

    I guess she is who she is that Minimal Fashion designer… which sometimes comes across as boring…I agree with you Mini. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!

  2. Marisela says:

    I love controversy so I’m loving this post!!!. In my humble opinion, boring and blend would’ve never be terms applied to fashion!!!! Come on people, let’s be open to new trends and styles, that’s the joy of fashion.
    Way to go Mini!!!

  3. Ana says:

    People need “boring” and “bland” just as much as they need “extravagant” and “unexpected”. So I guess it’s a good thing she kept true to her style.


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