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Time, Time, Time…Where Have You Gone?

Don’t you wish we had more time in our day to do everything we need? I DO. School is officially taking over the Mini residence…and unfortunately the blog has been lacking this week 🙁 Sorry about that! Things will lighten up and Mini will be happening once again…


Sadly, one of my favorite Pinterest boards, “Things I Love”, has been mysteriously deleted and replaced with a “Career” board. Is this a sign from the Pinterest gods that I should be focusing on my career? If so, what a way to cut my inspiration! After letting out my anger, I decided to delete this uninspiring “Career” board and restarted my amazing “Things I Love” board…version 2.0 is in the making and it will definitely get a fabulous upgrade.

But of course I could not leave you without Mini’s Weekly Favorites! Missed last weeks favorites? Check them out now…and indulge yourselves with my latest inspirations, pictures, quotes, etc.

Mini’s Favorites

Fashion Finds













































Laughs and Smiles


Hilarious iPhone 5 Video




I hope you all have an amazing week! Let me know of any topics you would like for me to write about!


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  1. Aline Frasca says:

    I loooved the second picture look! I wanna find a skirt like that for me!

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