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Herve Leger S/S 2013 Fashion Week Hair

Let’s Talk NY Fashion Week Hair

Bumble and Bumble

Honor S/S 2013 Fashion Week Hair

Honor S/S 2013 Fashion Week Hair

New York Fashion Week is not all about fashion…I mean, am I totally obsessed with all the shows and pictures I’ve seen online? YES. Do I wish I was there? YES. But none of what I’ve seen has sparked that fire in me to write about it. It just feels over done, no? So this is why I wanna talk about all that awesome NY Fashion Week hair. Have any of you used the hair products from Bumble and Bumble? I hear they’re all the rave now, and I don’t blame them because their products seem pretty cool!

I was curious to learn more about this brand so I checked out their website…and there it was. The one Fashion Week video that actually caught my eye. Bumble and Bumble products are all anyone seems to be using backstage! The Surf Spray, the Thickening Spray, the Invisible Oil…you name it, it’s on that model’s head. And the best part is that they make it look SO easy.

One thing I really love about these videos is that they show you exactly what they use …and not to mention these products work perfectly well on both men and women. They have products for straight hair, wavy hair, straight hair that wants to be wavy, and vise versa of course. It sounds too good to be true…so I’m just going to have to try Bumble and Bumble! Bummer 😉

Check out one of their videos below and be inspired by this contemporary hair brand!


I would love some feedback from any of you that have used these products before! My hair is thin and naturally wavy on the ends…any suggestions for a quick morning fix? Let me know!


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