Learn How to Fishtail!


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Fishtail Braids Everywhere

You’ve seen them on the red carpet, in your favorite magazine, and maybe around town…fishtail braids are everywhere! I love this look and find it to be an easy fix to those infamous “bad hair days”.

I must say, practice makes perfect with this one! You might get frustrated the first couple of times you try it but don’t give up. Once you learn, you will be obsessed and find yourself practicing without even noticing.

This is a great hairstyle for rainy days, beach days, and rushed-morning days. Follow these easy steps and watch my video for help!

Mini’s Fishtail Braid from Claudia Paez on Vimeo.

STEP 1: Pull your hair into a low pony-tail and tie it loosely with an elastic

STEP 2: Separate your hair into two equal chunks

STEP 3: Pull a thin strand of hair from one of the sections and bring it OVER to the other section (Repeat with the opposite side)

Step 4: Tie the bottom of the Fishtail Braid and remove the first elastic used to hold your low pony. Pull back any stray hairs with bobby pins.




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  1. Mindy says:

    OH I LOVE fishtail braids! They looks really pretty when they are a bit messy or down with wavy hair. Love love.


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