Fall 2012 Makeup Musts

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Health + Beauty | by — August 30, 2012

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Fall 2012 Makeup

Will You Try These Trends With Me?

This fall I am going to come out of my makeup shell and try some this season’s hottest trends. Wanna join? I promise I won’t make you do the super crazy ones! After reading several reviews on this season’s runway looks, it seems like makeup artists have gone full throttle. We either make a full-blown statement or strip ourselves entirely of the makeup masks. Let’s take a look at my top makeup picks for Fall 2012…shall we?

The Mulberry Lip

Say goodbye to the hot pink and coral shades of the summer because a deep, rich, sexy berry is in town. I am so excited to try this lipstick color! It brings both power and mystery to any look of the season. Make sure the lips aren’t flakey though! You don’t want those “crusty-crusts” ruining the look…(don’t worry, I’m working on a Perfect Lip tutorial for the Mini lovers).

Smokey Browns

Look at those smokey brown eyes! I’m loving this trend for fall because it softens the normally dark smokey look. Brown shadows compliment all eye colors and give a more natural feel. Interested in trying this one? Stock up on brown shadows and eyeliner!

The Natural Look

Now we need the bare minimum! Show off your natural beauty with simple and clean makeup. For this look, start by evening out your skin tone, add light pink blush to the cheeks, line the eyes with brown shadows, and finish with a matte lip. Perfect for school days!

Crazy Brows Anyone?

JUST KIDDING! I don’t really think I could take myself seriously if I bedazzled my eyebrows…


Have fun with these looks ladies! Get excited for tutorials!


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  1. Ana says:

    The crazy brows one is something I’d try for Halloween :P. Otherwise I’d stick to the natural look – it never hurts 🙂


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